Security as a Service for Startups

We help startups to secure their web applications within reasonable cost
Why Is Security Important?
60% of small businesses shut down within 6 months of an attack
Studies show that half of the cyber-attacks are targeting small businesses and 60% of small businesses shut down within 6 months of an attack. Hackers often target small businesses because they are easy targets for them since they don’t have enough resources and budget to protect.
And solving that gap is our mission! We are providing the necessary expertise to startups that don’t have a budget to hire a web application security team to secure their web applications.
Our Services

Penetration Testing

We will perform a deep penetration test of your web application or API to help your team to find out where are most likely points of attacks for hackers and will help you to secure those weaknesses before hackers find them.

Manual and Automated Testing

Your application will go through an advanced manual and automated testing. A dedicated security expert will manually check for different security vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10.

Vulnerability Remediation Guidance

With every vulnerability in the provided report, we will include one or more recommendations with technical details on how the particular vulnerability can be fixed.

Retesting of Fixed Issues Included

Once your development team fixes the identified security flows, we will test the fixed issues again for free.

Security Code Review

Manual source code reviews combined with automated tools is one of the most efficient ways for finding security vulnerabilities in an application. Below are a few of the benefits.

Catch Vulnerabilities Early

In most cases having a security code review process will help you to catch the vulnerabilities in the early stages of development, which will reduce the cost of fixing vulnerabilities significantly.

Guidance on Fixing Vulnerabilities

Our experienced security and software engineer will perform a code review and will provide you with detailed reports and actionable advice on how to mitigate the vulnerabilities in your tech stack.

Developer Awareness

We will provide a continuous loop of review and feedback, which will help developers by time to get more aware about different kinds of vulnerabilities and will lead to significant reduction of new vulnerabilities in the code.

Security Trainings

The main purpose of our security training is to make a security gap smaller in development teams. Which, in the long run, will save more time than fixing introduced security flaws later.

Trainings Tailored to Your Tech Stack

Our custom security training will be tailored to your tech stack with specific examples of security flaws and protection mechanisms in languages and frameworks your development team is using.

Hands on Experience

We gamify the learning process by providing an intentionally vulnerable application to participants where they can use their newly learned skills to hack the application and earn points. This is resulting in a higher rate of engagement and makes learning fun and educational.

Measure and Improve

With the end goal of making the security skills gap smaller, we periodically run reports to understand where is the security knowledge gap in the development team and focus our training on those particular areas.

Managing Security Monitoring

We will implement and manage a monitoring system for your application that will give us full visibility of ongoing attacks and will enable us with your dev team to have a timely response to attacks when(not if) they happen.

Detect Attacks Before They Cause a Harm

Most successful attacks begin with vulnerability probing. Often, a breach can be prevented if the initial probing is detected promptly by a robust monitoring and alerting system.

Increase Visibility

With monitoring, we aim for end-to-end visibility, by bringing monitoring solutions that will allow us to track attacks like SQL injection, CSP violation, CVE exploits, account takeovers and more.

No False Positives

We will do an initial investigation on security alerts and will bring to your team’s attention only attacks that can be harmful to your application. This will save the time of your development team and help them to be focused on the product.
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